Monday, October 22, 2012

Hulk Party!

Saturday was the smashing Hulk birthday party! My oldest was soooo excited for his birthday. I started putting up decorations on Friday and he could hardly wait for all his friends to come and see all the Hulk stuff.
This is our entry way with the Happy Birthday banner that I made.
Here is an up close of the Hulk and "H". I cut ALL of the Hulk and Abomination characters by hand! I also used some glitter on the the letters to make them sparkle and 3D adhesive to make them stand out. 

My husband made the cupcakes. They were delicious! J chose chocolate for Hulk and vanilla for Abomination. J got a chocolate cupcake with both colors of icing. :)
I made the cupcake stands!
Here is an up-close picture of the cupcake toppers. You can also read my post here

 Due to my LOVE of Pinterest, I found this game idea. Hulk Smash! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of it before the kids smashed it! I used the tutorial here I changed it a bit by using all green tissue paper and I made 24 circles instead of 18. The kids LOVED it! I had them all take turns smashing a circle and they each got a prize inside. We had them smash on the wrestling mat just in case anyone had a good punch. :)

I also made 20 Hulk masks. J loved it, but the other kids weren't so keen on wearing them. :) I found it here from the Disney website.
Of course we had goodies for the kids to take home! I used a basket I already had and covered it with green and purple scraps from my other decorations.
The happy birthday boy playing with his new toys!

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  1. Hulk Party!! It was truly spectacular. Everything you did was so adorable! Can you please send the printables to me? I would love to host such a party for my son’s birthday bash. It would be a grand party and that’s why I plan to host it at the garden event space Chicago.